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The #smoke from North America created a milky #sky over Germany on 12 September 2020 and significantly dampened the #sun's rays. / #CaliforniaFires #OregonFires / #PollyNet @ActrisEarlinet @ACTRISRI #AirQuality #ClimateChange #Pacific #bushfires #wildfiresmoke #wildfires

Our new paper by Kelley Wells et al. on global isoprene measurements from space is out now in @nature at! With Vivienne Payne, Julian Deventer, Kelvin Bates, @GouwLab, Martin Graus, Carsten Warneke, Armin Wisthaler, Jose Fuentes

@CathNoakes @ShellyMBoulder I estimate that prob. of contagious infections in Texas is ~0.3% right now (6000 new cases per day, assume infective 1 week, assume 1/2 asympt., divided by TX popul.). So chance that 1 choir member infected is ~30%.
- This is extremely irresponsible.

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