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#Austria seems first country in EU to recover sooner than expected from first #Covid_19 wave. Doubling times are now higher than in Italy, where the wave hit 2-3 weeks earlier Interesting to hear how gov. is planning to reopen the country @jdegouw

April 3: France's numbers stayed high today. The U.S. and U.K are showing some faint signs of turning over. Austria appears to be doing very well @tomkarl ! I'm adding a new way to plot the same data following the lead of @larrybrilliant .


#ESFRI #COVID19 webpage now active! Explore what critical services #ACTRIS and other European #ResearchInfrastructures offer in the fight against the #SARSCoV2 outbreak. #TowardsOperationalACTRIS #StayHealthy #RIsCOVID19 @ESFRI_EU @ENVRIcomm @aka_firi

#AirQuality changes due to #COVID19Pandemic in #Austria (IAO) after first 2 weeks of #lockdown. Will be interesting to compare with NOx EC fluxes and NMVOCs.
@ECOPHYSICS_US @ionicon @uniinnsbruck

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