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#AirQuality during #COVID19 #lockdown in Europe – more drastic emission reductions of air pollutants incl. NMVOC than for CO2 @OpenAQ

1/ La principal fuente de contagio de la COVID es la transmisión por el aire ("por aerosoles")

Es hora de q los distintos gobiernos, así como organismos como la OMS, lo reconozcan y creen guías de sanidad pública que ayuden a la ciudadanía a protegerse mejor


@jljcolorado I never hear any contra discussion of surface cleaning regarding VOC or SVOC exposure to the cleaning solvents or non-compostable surface wipes. Occasionally now we see papers calculating the cost of children entering ER because of hand sanitizer:

"It hasn't been easy. I don't think we've even all been in the same room at the same time... Thanks for literally and figuratively putting us in the right position to succeed. Let's land on Mars together."

— @NASAJPL Entry, Descent, and Landing Lead Al Chen. #CountdownToMars

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