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What do your car and deodorant have in common? Both have effects on our urban air quality - a two-site PTR-TOF study with @tomkarl from @uniinnsbruck in #Innsbruck featuring rapid monitoring of NMVOC fluxes and their concentrations: #AirQuality

1/ Todavía no se entiende el contagio en España: las mamparas no solo NO ayudan, AUMENTAN los contagios.

Still not understanding transmission in Spain: plexiglas not only does NOT help, they INCREASE transmission.

Excellent article by @zeynep on the slow acceptance of COVID as being present in aerosols (i.e., airborne), a fact still challenged by some today. Kudos to @linseymarr, @kprather88, @jljcolorado, @ShellyMBoulder, @CathNoakes & others for banging this drum!

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